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Tania Vinokur, Virtuoso Violinist is all over the globe and has created a sound signature second to none.   

 Born in Moldova, Tania started life in music at age of 5.  Moving to Israel young Tania found a world of musical flavours. Israel is a cultural melting pot and Israeli musicians immediately embraced Tania.

 Tania's mesmerising performance draws the inspiration for her music from Sephardic, Ethnic, Classical, Electronic and Pop music. As a trained dancer, vocalist and a  drummer, at first note Tania raises her energy to heaven in a unique performance, a violin virtuoso is revealed, alongside a charismatic, captivating and magnetic theatrical presence.

In recent years, Tania has performed in Europe, North and Latin America, Thailand and Cuba, and recently at the TEDx Jaffa event where she received an ovation for the most original performance that simultaneously combines dancing and violin playing.

Now releasing her latest project Dream Again recorded, written and produced with the renowned producer Yoad Nevo in his London studios

Violin Covers EP 


Jewish Violin Compilation


In Time - Oriental / Gypsy / Flamenco / Fusion EP


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